DZMP (Society of allies for soft landing) was founded by a group of young people, who were tired of the apathy of cultural events for youngsters and general insensitivity for distress of other people. We are active in the areas of youth culture, non-formal education, contemporary art, social and humanitarian acts. In the last period we have been giving special attention to projects in the field of media education, film, video and multimedia. We are performing different activities on local, national, and international level with the aim to stimulate active participation of young people through different forms of media.

One of our main activities is our regular Youth TV Magazine, in which youngsters shoot and publish their own different documentaries and TV reportages. These feature different youth projects, cultural events, some young artists and activists. In this way we want to inform other youngsters and the wider population, because themes like these are mostly ignored in “mainstream” media. That's why it is very important that articles, beside public projections in youth clubs and centres, are shown on TV stations. We support young authors to use different approaches, which differs us from “mainstream” television.

All through the year we organise different courses for youngsters to work in media. These are different weekend workshops and summer camps. Every year we organise a film festival, with the purpose of promoting films of young authors. We encourage the development of activities of this kind with the projections of films by young authors and performing workshops in a network of youth centres and clubs all over Slovenia. We also participate in projects with different organisations from abroad.

We are managing a house DZMP in Krško, where we set up a video studio. Every day we open the doors of the house for young creators from different parts of Slovenia (and abroad). We are pioneers in this field of work in Slovenia, through which we assured ourselves recognition and reputation in the past.

We are also very active in projects with Roma people. Volunteers are visiting Roma villages throughout the year. They carry out different projects for kids and youngsters. In the summer time we organise camps and workshops in some settlements. Lately we have been successfully carrying out some media courses which some Roma youngsters are active in.


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