Summer video camp
documentary film workshops in Krško
since 2001
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 photos from the camp "media without borders" 2003

In workshops, under the leadership of the mentor, we get acquainted with the filming of the film/video, the dramaturgy of creating a message, placing of the information and everything what is necessary for us to "enter" the media and present ourselves, our standpoints and views of society, the culture of human relations etc. and during practical work in mixed groups participants will make their own films.

During the workshop we also treat the question of alternative media information in the time of global/total society and culture through different activities. How we, the young, can articulate ourselves, our activities, our views and standpoints, criticism and similar (also) through the modern media - video, film, internet... how to use "digital democratisation", the price reduction and accessibility of the techniques, distribution and so on in our (also critical) advantage.


The workshops takes place under the mentoring of experienced and valued film director Zelimir Zilnik (, with the cooperation of the young from different cultural communities (Slovenia, Austria, France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia ...), who are interested in expressing themselves with film and video.


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